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Introduction to Weaving : How to Set a Frame & Start Weaving

I know many of you would love to have a go and try weaving, so i have decided to put together a little step by step Introduction. You will learn how to set the weaving frame -or- tapestry frame and how to start weaving those beautiful yarns to create your own tapestry. There are many frames out there and ways to warp them ( warp is the yarn that goes parallel and allows for the second yarn to be woven through). You can use ones with a groove like the one below, with fixed nails or with a thick frame[...]

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How to Make a Beach Style Bohemian Mirror

This is a beautiful DIY of a summery mirror frame. I chose to upload it and share it, as the toned colours of the frame and shells make it a great addition to any space. Is it a bit too early for shells? I say is never too early for shells, they just take you to a gorgeous beach with the sound of the waves…even if you are stuck in an apartment in the middle of the city.                                            [...]

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