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Bohemian Beach Wedding Inspiration

Summer & Weddings These words go together don’t they? And as they do so well they give the perfect opportunity to enjoy your dreamy day by the sea, with the sun setting and creating those perfect pinks and purples, a dreamy free flowing canvas! If you are looking for a little inspiration it is easy, start with a bohemian lacy or chiffon dress, it will flow with the wind in the most stunning way. Add a bit of sparkle on your toes in a flat pair of sandals, because you know that heels and sand don’t go together! Add a[...]

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How to Make a Beach Style Bohemian Mirror

This is a beautiful DIY of a summery mirror frame. I chose to upload it and share it, as the toned colours of the frame and shells make it a great addition to any space. Is it a bit too early for shells? I say is never too early for shells, they just take you to a gorgeous beach with the sound of the waves…even if you are stuck in an apartment in the middle of the city.                                            [...]

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Flower Colour Palette Inspiration

I will be sharing some of my inspiration work, my big passion colour shows through all aspects of my work, on my blog i share many colour palettes and colour inspiration for anyone that wants a little help putting together a colour scheme for work, or home. Here i was feeling a little nostalgic of Columbia flower market in London, it was one my favourite places to go in spring, as we don’t have peonies in Cyprus i do miss seeing them around, gorgeous and delicate they bring out a true romanticism. Maybe i should incorporate more of these[...]

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