Preciously handcrafted, handwoven greek sandals

The Story

There is a lot of history in this island..growing up in Cyprus we all get to study great Greek poetry, literature and mythology. This is where my name comes in, traditionally taken by my grandmother. Thalia was one of the nine muses in Ancient Greek Mythology, my grandmother used to always recite their names to me when i was little. So beautifully she was the muse of Comedy and Idyllic Poetry and she was represented with the comedy mask and crowned with Ivy. Thalia also means ‘the joyous, the flourishing’. So this is where the brand logo comes in; Thalia Bo is placed in a half wreath of ivy representing joy,comedy,poetry and all that inspires.

What matters

This is a great opportunity, not only to be creative and come up with beautiful products, but to stand up for what really matters.

  • Supporting community – By making our shoes locally.
  • Giving back – By training people in the traditional craft of hand weaving and creating jobs.
  • Sustainability – By creating shoes that have minimal impact on the environment (Our shoes are created only by three materials and can be easily repaired or disassembled). Keeping manufacturing all locally keeps our footprint pretty low.
  • Comfort – By making our soles of non polished leather our sandals are breathable. Our heels are only 0.5cm and made of rubber, which means your posture is not compromised, and there is enough traction to keep you from slipping!
  • Timeless Design – There is no following trends and creating a product for one season! That is not sustainable! You can wear our sandals until they fall apart (then we can still fix them ).
  • Attention to Detail – Handwoven, Handcut and Handcrafted.
  • Customisation – We offer half sizes (two different sizes) and customised colours, a perfect fit does matter!

The Founder

After working for various companies in Europe, as a footwear and accessories designer , Thalia Botsari has decided to return to her home country. There she has found the opportunity to use the local skills and craftsmanship to make one of a kind handcrafted hand woven and embroidered shoes and accessories. Her love for colour, materials and attention to detail has inspired her to develop traditional greek sandals with handmade handwoven pieces. The technique used to create the weavings is tapestry weaving, a very old craft used to make wall tapestries.
Her aim is to bring to people the appreciation and love of colour and craftsmanship, away from mass produced shoes. The weavings are made in her studio then assembled at a local ‘factory’ where shoe makers use the best leathers and technique to create the finished product.
‘In this world we appreciate, love and cherish the things we surround ourselves with, and we enjoy the story that they bring with them. Because every sandal and bag and accessory carries its own story,its own inspiration, so when it comes to the customer, each one takes this story and make it their own..’

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